Intuit Innovation Challenges

Getting outside the classroom and learning durable skills

 Diverse group of young students using laptop together while working on school project in college

Intuit Social Innovation Challenge

The 2021-2022 Intuit Social Innovation Challenge engaged students from nonprofit partners and school districts to leverage design thinking to develop an innovative solution that helps increase access to entrepreneurship and small business ownership for underrepresented groups.

Engaging students to learn durable skills outside the classroom

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Learn real-world skills

Learn skills used by the most innovative founders & companies, including Intuit’s design thinking method, Design for Delight, and add new skills to your resume and/or college application.

Create a solution

Create solutions that interests you, leveraging your knowledge of design thinking. Then, identify potential customers, brainstorm, and test your ideas.

Compete with your team

Compete against other high school students across North America and test your new skills.

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