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Educating the Girl Child

An empowering project for supporting girl child education in partnership with concern India Foundation


Supports the education of a girl child, for every woman who joins Intuit India.

The ‘Educating The Girl Child’ project aims at sponsoring education for girl children to help fight societal norms. In this program, Intuit supports girls who are either from dysfunctional families or single parent families where support for their education is negligent.

The spirit of the program is to support education for girl children and create opportunities for families who otherwise do not have access to education. The program is innovative in its conceptualization, Intuit sponsors education for a girl child for every female employee who joins the company. As a company that promotes equal opportunities and hires the top women talent, Intuit is also cognizant of the other end of the spectrum that shows a gloomy picture on female literacy in India.

Through this initiative, Intuit aims to recognize the passion which drives young girls and women to be change makers in the society. The girls being sponsored also get an opportunity to connect with the female engineers at Intuit to learn more about being a woman in tech!

One of the key parameters of this innovative project is that it focusses on all-round, holistic development for girls

Watch how Intuit is working towards building the lives of young girls.

Key Stats – Till date, 215 girls have been sponsored under this program and the first batch students have completed their 10th standard. The aim is to help and educate 1000 girls in the next couple of years.

Key initiatives under the program

Key initiatives under the program
Key initiatives under the program

Identify girls who are from underprivileged backgrounds and ensure that they are enrolled into schools. Provide fees and other education support materials required to join school

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Scientific way to help girls make better and informed career choices and facilitate counseling to give them direction
Monitoring academic performance
Monitoring academic performance
The attendance and academic performance of the children in the school and after school is monitored at regular intervals by our team.
Afterschool program
Afterschool program
An afterschool program is being designed for the children. An assessment of the academic needs of the children will be carried out based on which an afterschool curriculum will be prepared, and teachers will be identified. Post this, regular after school sessions will be conducted for the girls focused on improving their academic performance
Sensitizing parents
Sensitizing parents
Undertake one- on-one and group sensitization sessions for the parents of the girl children on the importance of education. The goal is to motivate parents to send their daughters to school and to reduce dropouts and absenteeism over a period of time
Self Defense classes & awareness sessions
Self Defense classes & awareness sessions
The children will be trained in basic self-defense and safety. Essential life skills will also be imparted including information on growing up and becoming a responsible adult, taking care of oneself, communication, assertiveness and dealing with peer pressure.

Success Stories

Tahasin Kod

Tahasin is one of four children of a welder father and homemaker mother from Haveri district. Due to unfortunate circumstances involving her brother meeting with a serious accident, all their savings had to be utilised elsewhere, forcing her elder sisters to discontinue their education, to support the family financially.

Tahasin parents were seeking support for their daughter’s education as she would have had to discontinue her education due to their financial crisis. Tahasin, an exceptional performer in school was recommended by SHG during the selection process and was immediately enrolled into Intuit’s Educating Girl Child Project. Tahasin will now be able to fulfill her aspirations of becoming a teacher and helping other poor children to pursue their education.

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Monisha is is a class IX student from Bangalore. Having lost her father, 12 years ago to a heart attack, her mother was the sole breadwinner of the family. Initially, Monisha and her sibling were taken care of by their grandparents, but as they aged the responsibility fell on her mother. Considering the difficulty in balancing both responsibilities, her mother decided to set up a small petty shop with the help from SHG within their locality. However, the income earned was not sufficient for their daily expenses and her daughter’s education, leading Monisha to drop out from school.

Intuit’s Educating Girl Child Project helped get Monisha admitted back to her school. The project covered all her education expenses, enabling her mother to use her income for the betterment of her family. Being a part of the after school program has helped Monisha cope with academic difficulties. In fact, her latest academic score is 73%! Monisha is disciplined and a regular to school with almost a 100% attendance. She also attended the “Self Defence Counselling session“ as part of the project, making her more confident and excited about the possibilities her future holds!

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Intuit in the News

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India CSR Intuit RISE

‘Educating Girl Child’ recognised at Rotary CSR Conference

Intuit India Granted CSR Award For Flagship Project

Intuit India Granted CSR Award For Flagship Project

Intuit RISE – ‘Educating Girl Child’ the flagship CSR project of Intuit India aimed at sponsoring education for girl children, has been awarded the ‘Rotary Karnataka CSR Award – 2020’ for ‘Best CSR Practices in promoting basic education and literacy’.